Friday, July 4, 2014

Lunar Chandelier Press is Pleased to announce the publication of Dick:A Vertical Elegy by Sam Truitt

Dick: A Vertical Elegy by Sam Truitt
July 4th 2014
(paperback, pp.76. Preface by Kimberly Lyons.
Designed by Julie Harrison).

Dick is a prose poem grounded in proprietary
knowledge about President Kennedy’s assassination.

The pith of that information is transmitted through
Morse Code,the seemingly undifferentiated plane of which
is broken up with stage directions from Shakespeare’s
tragedies.Dick to that extent is a cryptogram containing
information of inherent value burrowed within layers of cipher.

The link to the DICK transmissions online is

Dick: An Oblique Conspiracy Countdown:

 Excerpt from DICK: A VERTICAL ELEGY at Penn Poetry Series: